Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here and ummm NOW?

So I figure I owe this blog a post. I've been following more and more blogs for inspiration and it is surely intimidating let me tell you. I got alot to work on i notice but i do have many of people asking me how my little site is doing, i should be ashamed at the attention i put into it ! :)

Anyways i'll make a conscious effort to report back to my blog.

so lets see, excuses for why i haven't put in a good entire in a while?

1. travels
2. travels
3. lazy

there ya go lets move on to what this post should be about.

While in Pennsylvania visting a couple of loved ones, i was able to pick up a trade i havent touched on in a very long time, SEWING. -awe- my dear friend molly was gracious enough to teach this to me. and i thank her. I've gotten better and better the more i sew, actually let me rephrase that "stitch" because a-matter-of-factually i actually haven't sew big pieces together or anything like that i've be altering my clothing put put spice in my wardrobe a little "this is me" and all my garments. My mom on the other hand has a sewing machine, after commandeering that i've actually just started this week sewing properly. Threading a bobbin is no joke may i add, still yet to get the hang out it. All in due time i suppose. Also i've been drawing and painting vigorously! and yes, i mean vigorously!!! there hasn't been a day that my paint brushes and pens shit out some kind of piece that i call art. It's a fucking beautiful feeling by the way to produce something out of your own being and looking at it and saying "i did that!". this entails also the sewing that i've been doing. It's nice to do but what i'd really love is some partners to engage in this with me. For now though im happy to be solo with this and hopefully like my friend molly showed me i can teach another!