Monday, January 18, 2010


I've been adding alot of different blogs here on blogger that i've found that I've recently gotten really inspired from lately. I hope it's not werid like a stalker thing or anything :) because it's not.

Actually that leads me more into the point i'm hoping to make with this post. GIRLS. They are everywhere and yet I'm terrified and intimidated by them all. When I was little I wanted to be you and now that i'm older i can't stand any of you. Growing up you have all types of girls that can inspire you and disgust you. some accept you and some will be after you. I do belive the female is the more sensitive and beautiful gender. How ever you use your qualities of the two is up to the person themselves. All my life i'd try to be like every and any girl of my age or older. Looking up at you and looking down on myself. Subscribing to teen vogue at 14 was the fuel that fed that fire. It made it easyer to scan on looks with out seeming strange to the pupils (though i did a fine job of that all by my self ).

Now i'm in a perid of my life where i have stopped 'finding' and am now 'being' myself. Coming to terms to belive or just a little bit of effort each day to approach my inner Sarah and looking up to that. I now have many lady friends and i'm no longer too intinidated to be friends with girls i look up to or even fancy as a person, be their personality, style, or grace. I love them all and they help me in more loving ways then any man could have done. They helped me love myself instead of making others love me for gratification. because that fades, quickly.

Also i keep in mind the younger girls that look up to me now. When they seek my approval I remind them all that the only approval they have ever needed is the person that knows them the most. Themselves. I want to let them know that being a girl at whatever age 10,16,20,25,67,80, will not be easy. Everything around them will disapprove no matter if your tall, short, skinny, curvy, brown, pale, etc; there will be that one entity that will not like you. It's nothing to worry about!!!! So keep putting on because the only person at the end of the day that you must answer too is put on tons of make-up and never match your clothes, cut your own hair and your own pants and what the hell tear up your leggings! its all about you and how you feel about yourself.

the photos above are friends and family i know personally. Their looks are worth a honorable mention. These Girls inspire my every day look!
TOP TO BOTTOM:Samm(rest in peace you've inspired me more then i can put into words right now) Erin,Joy(sister) and I, Tara (cousin), Racheal, Olivia (cousin), Nat and friend, Molly, Joy (sister), jessica, Tasha and Jackie, Dana, Christine, Ariella (cousin).

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