Friday, January 15, 2010

transitional period...

So i've got my cannon camera powershot for Christmas and i've been working it pretty good. It's such a delight to actually get my hands on a camera that actually takes decent picture. As of late i've been going through a lot of disturbances with doctors, therapist and, other annoying creatures of the mental illness underworld, trying to get my disability reports to get myself back in school. Very stressful procedures and tomorrow a big meeting with parents, myself, and a couple of doctors with diagnoses galore! If you can belive it, im not looking forward to that fateful 2 o'clock pm appointment. But it's all in good intentions to get this little lady back into school, where i can take classes in art and photography and onward to bright futures!!!! as all that pans out im just toying about my days taking pictures. Now as you'll notice, my clothes are very plain Jane. Usually when im not doing anything but having tantrums of expressive madness, i don't really dress to impress! hehe! Anyways I hope you enjoy this little collection. Much more expected!

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