Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My Name: SarahJo

I am a black and white 20 year old child. I've gave up everything I've ever touched since I can remember and now, I've even given up that. I am sober and I've begun to delve into my own passion, Art. For the first time I'm awake and I can agian gain back what I've lost through so many tantrums of running away. I'm starting school soon here in miami-dade county. while in therapy, attending AA meetings, and Learning Disability testing gets fully underway to get to school, I plan on recording my first passion, photography and clothing. All that will have its' proper introduction as soon as I put my looks together. For now my own introduction. Not even knowing at this point who will read this I ask myself 'why be so honest about your life in the beginning?'. Well it's honestly the best time to say it. I mean why not? when else will anyone say all these odd facts about one's self? middle of the way there? Keep people in suspense? Or just myself? I digress... I don't even know where to get back, HA always happens. If your as lost as me then good! we'll get back on track. I don't know anything about proper grammar or spelling so if be that a pet peeve for you, I'm sorry but I can't help you. If you love clothing and Art as me, then welcome. Watch me now as I put together and hold up a little personal fashion blog in my inspirations.


  1. I can't wait to see all your personal artistic displays unfold fully. Giving of yourself honestly, and with sincere motives, will be a wonderful journey. Good luck - enjoy! <><

  2. Saraaahhh!!!
    I dont know if u remember me,
    but it doesnt matter!

    Im excited to read and find out more!!!

  3. I look forward to seeing where this progresses, from one lost black and white girl to another! :)